Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Living creatures

Despite six-day work weeks + Haiti business in the evenings, I've managed to get out of Delhi to breath slightly fresher air on a few more adventures this summer.

Khajuraho was only day 1 of a weekend trip last month. On our way home, we stopped in nearby Orchha. This very small town revolves around the tourists who pass through it to visit Hindu and Mughal palaces and temples that date back to the 16 to 1700s.

It's too bad Lonely Planet didn't worn us about:
  • aggressive baboons that guard the Jahangir Mahal (tip: don't run and scream);
  • bats that chill at the top of the Lakshmi temple (tip: don't run and scream); or
  • mango shakes at an open air restaurant (tip: run and scream).

Here are some photos for your visual entertainment...

My HKS travel companions and I scoping out the scene.

Artwork depicting scenes from Hindu mythology.

They looked nice...

Train food = another no-no.